How eyebrow make up can transform your brows!

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Eyebrow make up can fully transform your brows to frame your eyes beautifully. It adds definition, fills in any sparse areas, covers greys and deepens colour. There are many different types and brands of products out there so I am going to run through the important ones and give you tips on how to use them. If products are used correctly brows can look lovely and natural however lack of skill or overly used can make them look like two thick dark caterpillars so use with caution……remember less is more!

: Eyebrow Pencil

When used correctly an eyebrow pencil is a fantastic tool. Just make sure you have exactly the right tone for you and that you are using the right pressure. A little practice is all thats needed! A stiff-angled brush is a big helper for blending or softening lines and a good quality pencil can last all day without any touch ups. A pencil is also the best way to fill in sparse areas as it easily goes onto the skin and can create as thin or thick lines as needed. The only downsides to a pencil is that it wont cover those stubborn white hairs or keep hairs in place. If you have bushy long hairs then these will have to be trimmed first.

: Powder

Powder is a great product for beginners who are just starting out using eyebrow make up and is generally more forgiving with application than a pencil. Powder is much easier at covering white hairs because it can more easily cover the top of hairs but it will not cover 100%. Again the better the product the better it will stay (especially if applied with a stiff-angled brush), if only applied lightly it could smudge off very easily and look pretty horrendous by the end of the day! Powder is another product that also won’t keep the hairs in place but can be applied to the skin to achieve a fuller brow.

:  Mousse / Mascara

Eyebrow mousse or mascara really has to be the easiest of the products out there to use as it is just as simple as taking the wand and applying a few strokes! In the same way that normal mascara deepens our lashes eyebrow mousse or mascara does the same to brows meaning that it can cover even white hairs and keeps hairs in place temporarily once dry. A good product will last all day however a cheaper one may flake and peel after a few hours. As it thickens each strand a little it can make the brows seem slightly fuller however a pencil or powder is better on the skin to fill in areas of sparse hair.

: Tint

Tinting is the longest lasting of all eyebrow make up lasting between 2 and 4 weeks and takes just 10 mins to apply. Tinting is definitely the best option for covering the whiter more stubborn hairs however it will not hold the hairs in place and you may still need a pencil or powder to cover sparse areas as it doesn’t tint the skin. There are some over the counter products you can buy to do yourself however they don’t last as long as a professional product and a beauty professional will make much a better job of it.

Just one or a combination of all the above products can be used to achieve your desired look so have a play around with them all and find our what works for you best. If creating the look yourself at home isn’t for you then at Eden Beauty we provide the perfect eyebrow treatments that will leave you having the right shape and tone for your face including tinting, waxing and trimming. These can also be teamed up with eyelash tinting to fully complete the look and have your eye area looking at its best!

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