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Beauty Products That Changed the World

Here we have an interesting infographic from the Texas based cosmetology and beauty school called Ogle School providing information about beauty products that you probably use which changed the World. Learn about the Clinique 3 step skin care…
Acrylic Nail Extensions Leeds

Fun Facts About Nails (Infographic)

Here we have a fun infographic from The Hair and Beauty Academy based in Sydney, Australia offering interesting facts about our nails. Learn about how fast fingernails grow, what nails are made out of, when nails grow the fastest and plenty…
Bikini Line Waxing Leeds

Wax On, Wax Off: The Benefits of Professional Waxing (Infographic)

Here we have a fantastic infographic that we found on the web providing loads of information about professional body waxing. The infographic is broken down into two main sections including hair removal by the numbers which offers lots of interesting…
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Top Summer Beauty tips to avoid any dilemmas!

Whether you are planning to go on holiday abroad this summer or enjoy the beautiful scenery our lovely UK has to offer be sure to follow my summer beauty guide to avoid and fix any dilemmas!Avoid the nasty panda eyes look by using a waterproof…
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Brow and Lash Tinting Facts

Is it Safe to Tint Brows and Lashes?Women flock to my beauty salon Leeds in the summer to have their lashes and brows tinted. A concern for many however is eye sensitivity and safety. I can guarantee that as long as the treatment is being…