Under Arm Waxing

Underarm hair, its something we all have to deal with and that we all want removing. Many people go for the option of just shaving while in the shower, however waxing is a much more beneficial way of doing it as over time it can weaken the hair dramatically causing the need for less treatments.

Underarm waxing can sting on the first few goes as quite often people have shaved many times before so the hair can be very strong and thick. Do however have persistence as it will pay off and is over in a matter of minutes. You can help reduce the sting by exfoliating and moisturising a few days before your appointment to help soften and unblock the follicle. The results of underarm waxing last upto 4 weeks and the hair will get finer and lighter over time making the treatment much less painful and less often.

The underarm skin is nicely tautened when waxing at Eden Beauty and a lovely soothing cream applied afterwards. If you have sensitive skin or would just prefer to have hot wax used this can also be an option. Hot wax sticks to the hair, not the skin and is removed without strips so can be less painful or irritable on the skin.

The main areas we cover are Leeds, Headingley and Kirkstall.

Under Arm Waxing Leeds