Hollywood Waxing Leeds

Hollywood waxing is very similar to Brazilian waxing so people often get confused with the two. Brazilian waxing involves removing all the hair apart from a strip at the front whereas in Hollywood waxing everything including the strip is removed leaving the area completely bald from front to back.

If Hollywood waxing is kept upto the hair over time gets weaker meaning the treatment is a lot less painful, much quicker and the results can last longer. We recommend a regular treatment every four to six weeks for optimum results and these can be booked in advance to a time that suits you.

We understand that it can be quite an awkward experience when having your Hollywood waxing treatment so at Eden Beauty we will always ensure that you feel happy and comfortable. We always use towels to cover appropriate areas and use warm wax and hot wax to minimise the pain.

The main areas we cover are Leeds, Headingley and Kirkstall.

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