Chin Waxing

As we get older we can find that the odd unsightly chin hair can pop up from out of nowhere and seem to spread as time goes on! The quickest, easiest and most purse friendly way to remove this is by waxing and plucking.

It is a really quick treatment to have, often been carried out in a lunch break, and results can last upto 4 weeks. Chin waxing treatments start with the wax being applied and removed to extract all the fluffy hairs from the area. If there has been any tough or really short hairs left over they would then be twee-zed out separately afterwards. As always a soothing cream is also applied to reduce any redness and calm the area.

At Eden Beauty all appropriate aftercare will be explained to you before you leave so you can expect optimum results and leave hair free and happy.

The main areas we cover are Leeds, Headingley and Kirkstall.

Chin Waxing Leeds